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Color Rotating Camera with Remote-Versatility

Friday, September 26th, 2008

The COLOR ROTATING CAMERA with REMOTE is perhaps the most versatile surveillance camera on the market today.

That makes it perfect for both home security and business use too.

With the remote control you can stop the camera at any point or you can choose to use the auto rotating function that allows the camera pan back and forth continually.

It connects directly into your television using the included control box so you can see and hear what’s going on in any area of your home or business. With the two way intercom you can communicate with those you see on camera.

Because the camera is waterproof it can also be used outdoors to monitor your car, backyard, parking lot, etc. Indoors it can be used in a store to prevent shoplifting or at home to watch babies while they sleep or children while they play.

Use your TV as a monitor or hook it up to a VCR to record images. The plug and play kit contains everything you need.

Using the camera and intercom you can see and speak with someone at your front door before you unlock the door.

It rotates 320 degrees giving it a great field of view.