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Why Dome Cameras Are The Most Popular Security Cameras In The World

Dome security cameras have become very popular these days. These are sleek and easy to handle. The design ensures extra flexibility and user friendliness. These features make a dome security camera a perfect choice for business. Although this security device seems to be optimum for your business security requirements, it is necessary to understand more about its features and benefits. This will help you decide on the type of dome camera that perfectly fits in to your home or business security needs.

What is a dome camera?

As the name suggests, dome security cameras are constructed in a fashion to be available in a dome. This camera is the number one choice for business locations such as hotels, retail store, restaurants and warehouses. It is the most popular security and surveillance camera in the world

Why Use a Dome Camera?

One of the biggest benefits of using a dome camera is that it is quite difficult to make out which direction it is pointing at. The design of this camera is such that the information cannot be given away easily.

Features of Dome Cameras:

Dome cameras are equipped with features that provide peace of mind to the user. The camera also offers a sense of security to the user. Here are the features that make it special:

Vandal-proof: Dome cameras are available with vandal proof protective casing. This makes it resistant to attempts to disable their functioning. The camera will not cease functioning when burglars or thieves try to corrupt it. It can also withstand harsh climate conditions.

Day/night surveillance: This feature is available in most of the dome cameras. It lets the user enjoy excellent footage recording even in low light conditions. This makes the camera an ideal choice to take care of a property 24×7. It switches to black and white mode automatically to provide better quality recording.

Pan, tilt zoom: This is known to be the outstanding feature of a dome camera. It can cover objects on the move. It can record from all angles.

Are Dome Cameras Right For You?

Choosing the right dome camera is the key to ensure 100 per cent security to your home or business. Always keep in mind the type of business you are running and your specific security requirements prior to deciding on a particular dome camera.

If you are into retail business, basic dome camera will be ideal for you. There are wall or ceiling mounted cameras that feature a PTZ (Pan, tilt and zoom). Small or narrow shops will do well with stationery dome camera. Go for armor dome if you want to keep it vandal-proof.

Whichever business you are running, installing a dome camera will certainly make it more secure and give you peace of mind.

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