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Boom Box Hidden Spy Camera-A Hidden Camera with Tunes

This fully functioning AM/FM radio with CD player makes the perfect home for a hidden spy camera. People are used to seeing this type of product in a home, office or business setting. What they may not know is a hidden camera is inside this great boombox and a built-in DVR.

The boombox even has headphone jack and two way power. It can run on batteries or AC DC current. The CD player is fully programmable.

The images that work camera takes are recorded onto an 8 GB SD card. Over 140 hours of recording can be made. If you use the motion detection option it is possible depending on the level of activity get close to two weeks of recording on one SD card.

To playback the images removed SD card from the boombox and insert it into your SD card reader on your computer. How easy is that?

The boom box DVR Hidden Camera is the perfect spy tool to keep an eye on things at your home, office or business because it blends in so well. No one will know you are watching them.

The SD card records images in color and an almost complete darkness. It does require some ambient light like a TV. So when you want to find out what is going on at your home, office or business when you can’t be there get a boombox hidden spy camera and listen to some great tunes in the process.

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